Dark blue curtains can let your heart fly

Dark blue, the color of the ocean, a color from the depths of the sea, is always to make people full of hope and mystery. It also allows us to have endless fantasy with our life. When we look at it, the mind will always feel very calm, or sometimes we will feel the soul of imagination, Is this feeling very good? This is because the room has been decorated with a piece of dark blue curtains.

Dark blue curtains

A lot of people are very fond of dark blue. Because they like the mysterious atmosphere. And because of this feeling, lots of people choose dark blue as the color of the basic tone of their room. For curtains, decorations, or bedding. Dark blue can make the whole room very fresh, as if the room was filled with the taste of the ocean. When we have nothing to do, then we can stand in front of this dark blue curtains, and look the sky. Imagine that you are a seagull, flying freely in the sky. When we are immersed in this piece of curtains just like in the deep blue ocean, we might throw all the troubles behind us. And we may feel comfortable physically and mentally.

blue curtains

We can also match a milky white wallpaper beside the dark blue curtains, which can make the color mix best. With white and dark blue, can not only make for the whole room full of sea air, but also make this fresh style to a certain extent and make the home’s overall style fresh and then you can use a layer of white gauze, which can make the room clear. Everyone wants to have a comfortable home life, a good curtain will become more beautiful and full of hope.

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