The tips to select wedding guests dress

Go to the wedding, everyone is very particular wearing, which is to show their beautiful image, but also respect for the owner of the wedding, then we attended the wedding, how to choose the cheap wedding guest dress? Here to tell you the method.

First, some people think that satin wedding guest dress dress is better than sandy, in fact, this understanding is wrong, satin very significant level, very noble, which is a lot of people the wrong perception, sometimes, dress different materials, showing the temperament is different, but what is the material of choice, to see through a person’s temperament, and her preferences, some people fit to wear gauze, some people are very sweet, looked lovely, then she more suitable gauze dress, if this had grown very mature, very atmospheric, it is more suitable for satin dress, gauze dress is very elegant, very lively.

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Second, some people think it is autumn, and in the selection of wedding guests dress to choose long-sleeved, in fact it is wrong, and now the weather is really cool, but the time we dress in outside is very short, usually in the house, so not need to have to wear long-sleeved dress, of course, you can choose to have sleeves, depending on your preference.

Third, some people think her arm fairly thick, very thick arms, so be sure to wear gloves to cover up your thick arms, in fact, it is wrong, because the gloves are generally very light color, such as white it will give people a very expansive feel, will make people feel more coarse your arm, if gloves Le tightly on your arm, it is very tight, even feels bad, so do not wear gloves better.

Wedding guests dress casual wear is not able to be carefully selected for their a nice upgrade their image dress.

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